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Sunday, November 9, 2008
Players are stakeholders too.
Executives Hear Horseplayer Concern from HANA



(Charlottesville, Virginia. November 9, 2008): The Horseplayers Association of North America, through its President Jeff Platt, called for an immediate end to the Advance Deposit Wagering dispute between tracks, horsemen and ADW companies. In addition, HANA has been in direct contact with the parties to ensure that the horseplayerís concerns are heard.

In speaking with Ryan Conley of the Bloodhorse, Jeff stated "They [horseplayers] are very frustrated, and discouraged; some are outraged, that the signals arenít going out. The level of frustration is an eye-opener to us. And a lot of players are telling me they are going to play something else."

"You donít walk into a casino and have someone tell you the craps tables are closed, or the blackjack dealers are on strike," Platt said. "Racing is making it difficult on its players. Players are leaving the game. They are spending their money elsewhere. And many of them are not coming back."

In a previous open letter to the Industry, HANA stated the following:

"Racing is at a crossroads. Thoroughbred handle is down nearly everywhere. That in itself should be your wake up call. Track management, horsemen's groups, and ADWs - ALL of you should be working together - doing everything within your power to grow handle by bringing new fans to the game.

Instead you have done just the opposite.

This is exactly the kind of mess the industry doesn't need at a time when the last thing the industry needs is any kind of mess at all.

I implore you to put aside your differences. End this now - before you do the game more damage than you already have."

Platt has been working the phones on behalf of horseplayers, the ones who have been lost in this stalemate. "It's been a busy week. I've burned a ton of cell phone minutes talking to all sides involved in the signal wars - track executives, horsemen, ADW operators, and yes - customers."

Jeff was impressed with Chairman Jack Liebau: "Here is a track executive that really does understand the short-sightedness of the signal wars and how it impacts the customer. He understands that players not only have the option to spend their money elsewhere but are actively doing so."

Jeff is hopeful that a deal can be struck soon. "From my conversations I pressed the issue and received good feedback. It seems everyone realizes this fight does no one any good. Although horseplayers fund the sport, they are rarely represented in these issues. We are determined to give players a seat at the table and be heard.Ē

HANA will keep members and the media updated when further information becomes available.

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